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About us

Our Promise To You

At Royal LePage New Concept, we will help you maximize your earning potential with powerful business tools, access leads and referrals, and trainings for all stages of your career to help you develop your skills and fill your sales pipeline.

Our Mission

Our mission as Canada’s premium real estate company is to lead the market in growth and profitability, deliver innovative services with superior client satisfaction, and make a meaningful contribution to the communities in which we live and work.

Our Legacy

1989 | New Concept Opens

Much of New Concept's initial success came from market positioning, focusing on the untapped Korean-Canadian market which grew substantially in the initial years of start-up. The launch of the New Concept brand started with a partnership with Century 21, a leading household name in the Canadian Market and adapted to the continuous changes the GTA saw in the years to follow. 


During the 1990s and early 2000s, New Concept grew to heights unseen by most brokerages in Toronto by dominating the pre-construction housing market. John Cho had insight into the market many of us nowadays don’t have the pleasure of seeing. Pre-construction sales at the time were rare and unknown to most in the industry.

John Cho saw an opportunity, establishing some of the first builder relationships in the industry with market leaders such as Tridel, Plaza, & Tribute Communities, three of Toronto’s largest and most esteemed developers.

2011 | All-Time Record High New Condos sold

In 2011, New Concept set an all-time record high with over 1,100 new condominiums sold, a number unseen and envied by most Brokerages. This trend continued throughout the years and solidified New Concepts place within the pre-construction industry. 
As sales figures grew to new heights, the brokerage consistently sold over 10% of the market share multiple years in a row. This opened the doors to representing developers in-house, and selling entire communities internally, before reaching the public sale.

This secured the Brokerage's life-long relationships to dominate the pre-construction industry. 

2014 | Century 21 New Concept Joins Royal LePage

In 2014, Century 21 New Concept joined Royal LePage Network, Canada’s Largest National full-serviced Canadian real estate business with over 18,000 registered realtors, brokers and employees.

Modern Day Commitments

New Concept continues to push the envelope by innovating and streamlining all fundamental aspects of a successful business. Richard Cho, General Manager of New Concept continuously assesses the needs of the growing brokerage to ensure modern systems and processes are implemented and upheld through continuous education to their salespeople and staff.

Helping Canadians find forever homes since 1913.


Royal LePage New Concept is known for taking business to the next level. Relationships are an important part of the industry to ensure long-lasting partnerships to provide success for your future. At Royal LePage New Concept, our goal is to make your experience as part of our team an exceptional one. We are always striving to provide a supportive work environment for you to succeed in and equip you with the necessary skills needed for success in the fast-changing real estate industry.

New Concept feels strong importance to education. Without education, as a realtor, you can expect to fall out of touch with the day-to-day changes taking place in our market. We consistently provide high-quality training for our sales representatives with all levels of experience by bringing in-house professionals, mortgage brokers, and lawyers into our educational platform to always ensure you’re on top of your industry standards and changes. New Concept always strives to have management and support staff available to you at all times to ensure your questions are answered and business targets are kept on track. We
strive to offer relevant and high-quality guidance, advice, and strategy to all our salespeople to ensure your best services are highlighted and strategized for success.

New Concept is committed to continuing to grow and expand in line with the ever-changing markets to ensure we’re setting a prime example to our agents to inspire growth. Our commitment to you is always ensuring we are adapting to new technologies and continuing to see new marketing strategies, operations, and success plans to keep you as up-to-date and relevant as a real estate professional.

The management team at Royal LePage New Concept is always ready and willing to listen to feedback, questions, or concerns you have. We welcome you to the team and look forward to growing our success together. We are here to help you grow your business dreams and aspirations by analyzing what your strengths are and guiding you to be your best self.